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rockchip and small crack repair

Small pits and chips in your vehicle's auto glass or windshield can be easy to ignore. But over time, small chips become small cracks, and then large cracks. And that's a problem.


Repairing Your Windshield


If the area of damage to your windshield is smaller than a dollar bill, you may consider repairing the damage instead of replacing the entire windshield.


Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a curable, optically matched resin. The process bonds the glass together and restores strength and structural integrity of your windshield. Whereas the purpose of the repair is to prevent the break from spreading further, our repair process will improve the break's appearance.


Nevertheless, more often than not a glass repair can be completed in a manner that will improve the appearance of your windshield significantly. Windshield repair is economical, safe and effective, and can usually be completed in under half an hour.


Auto Glass / Windshield Repair


Take time to have the pits or chips in your auto glass repaired. Since many insurance companies cover auto glass chip repair, and waive your deductible, it may not cost you anything except a few moments of your time.


What are the benefits of doing this now instead of waiting until the glass is actually cracked?


  • It takes only moments: You'll save time and we provide same-day service!
  • It costs little or no money: You'll save the additional expense of paying a deductible on your auto glass.
  • It's safer for you and your family: You'll be maintaining the support structure of your car, which keeps everyone safer in the event of a collision.


How do you get your windshield cracks and chips repaired?


Trust the windshield repair experts at Pass Auto Glass to help you get back on the road in no time.


Please note that you will likely still be able to see the repaired area and that sometimes the repair process will cause a crack to spread necessitating a full windshield replacement.



Schedule a windshield repair online or call us at 844-FIX-MINE (844-349-6463) for immediate assistance.

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