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Choosing an Auto Glass Provider


When calling your Insurance Company remember that you always have the right to choose any glass provider you prefer. We hope you choose a local company that helps support the local economy. Most insurance companies (with the exception of State Farm and The Hartford) are financially affiliated with national auto glass chains who are compensated to administer their glass claims. In turn, that affiliation allows these chains to refer or "steer" business to themselves.


While Pass Auto Glass is very well versed in handling insurance claims for glass, we are not affiliated with any insurance company whatsoever. Our loyalty is with you – the customer. When you call Pass Auto Glass, you speak directly to us – not a call center in another part of the country.


If I submit an auto glass claim to my insurance company, will my rates go up?


No. California is a "no fault" state and the auto glass claim will be covered by the comprehensive portion of your deductible.


If the cost of the auto glass is less than my deductible, will you still work with me?


Yes. If the cost of the auto glass used is less than your deductible, we will quote you a discount cash price that is competitive with other auto glass shops, Pass Auto Glass offers multiple payment options including cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.


Will filing an auto glass claim count towards my insurance policy?


In many cases, insurance companies will not count auto glass damage as a claim on your policy. To be certain, please refer to your policy or contact your agent and/or insurance provider to confirm your specific coverage.


What if I only have liability coverage?


Because liability insurance only provides coverage for damages to another vehicle, auto glass services are not covered under your liability policy. Pass Auto Glass offers multiple payment options including cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.


Will all insurance companies waive my deductible if my windshield is repaired rather than replaced?


Many insurance companies cover windshield repair at 100 percent coverage with no deductible. A Pass Auto Glass representative will be happy to help you with your questions regarding insurance coverage.


Do I need to contact my agent or insurance company before I contact Pass Auto Glass?


No, We're experts at verifying coverage, filing the claim and handling all the paperwork. We'll contact your insurance company and submit the claim on your behalf.

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