Pass Auto Glass performs quality installations. We can remove and replace your windshield in about 2 hours.


At Pass Auto Glass, our priority is to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle and the safety of all its occupants. When possible, Pass Auto Glass will make every effort to repair your windshield. However, when the damage is too severe to repair, you can feel confident knowing all replacements are performed by certified technicians using the very best materials. Furthermore, all of our installations comes with a lifetime warranty.


Repair or Replacing the Windshield


If your auto glass damage is less than 6" long, our certified technician may be able to repair it. Windshields with more severe damage will need to be replaced. Read more about Glass Repair.


Insurance Matters... Made Simple


Pass Auto Glass is recognized by all major insurance carriers as an approved and preferred provider of windshield replacement services. Our staff is trained to answer any questions that you might have, and we will help you through the entire process. All that you need to have is your proof of insurance card. Pass Auto Glass will handle all of the paperwork for you.


Settling a glass claim with your insurance company ultimately depends on your policy and the cause of damage. Most insurance companies will not count glass claims against you; they are generally considered a no fault claim and are not treated as a claim that you are at fault for. Pass Auto Glass will make every effort to guide you through the process, and layout your options. For further details, refer to your policy statement or contact your agent and/or your insurance provider.

FAQS About Windshield Replacement


Will my replacement windshield give the same protection as the original?

Most auto glass installers are concerned about passenger safety. We use a Dow Automotive

Systems adhesive to replace your glass with bond strength equal to that of the manufacturer’s original installation.


How do you know Dow Automotive Systems adhesives will retain your windshield during a crash?

Dow Automotive Systems adhesives are crash-proven. They test their adhesives by replacing a windshield in a car and crashing it head-on into a solid wall. The risk is too high to rely solely on theories and laboratory tests. Dow Automotive Systems’ minimum drive-away times are confirmed through actual vehicle crashes.


Will the adhesive bond last?

Dow Automotive Systems subjects all of its adhesives to severe long-term durability laboratory and field tests to promote lasting performance and long-term safety. Adhesives are exposed to cold, heat, humidity, rain and salt air for years to verify long-term strength.


Why is it important to wait the prescribed time before driving the car?

For safety. It takes time to meet FMVSS requirements for windshield retention. The longer the urethane cures, the stronger the bond.


Have questions? We can help give you the answers.


For more information about insurance and warranties, or other questions you may have, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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